Fishing for Comments…

I am continually amazed at how many “things” one can find themselves doing in professional and lay ministry.  For instance, I love to write and share my faith, so one of the first things I do is start a website, a blog, a Facebook page and encourage all of my friends to read my writings.  Jesus loved to share His faith, or rather the Truth of the Father’s love and acceptance for people.  For Jesus, the ministry seemed so simple; no websites and technology, no buildings to care for. I doubt Jesus had to listen to the florescent lights in His office buzz all day.  Of course we all want a ministry as successful as Jesus’, but are we willing to have the same ending as Jesus’?  Jesus was focused on people, willing to sacrifice, and ends up giving His life for those He came to serve.  Perhaps this is why it is easier to do the work for the Lord by sitting in a office instead of fishing for men and women to be the Lord’s?

What is really necessary to do ministry in the 21st century?  Blogs?  Websites?  Facebook?  These might have an impact on Christians by helping them in their faith, but what about those who would not normally read a pastor’s blog?  Will a great one-liner win them over for the Lord?  The challenge I see the Church (universal) having these days is that we spend a lot of time doing the work of the Lord, but it does not leave an eternal impact by bringing in new people for the Lord.  Dr. Kermit Long has a great saying; “With all our education, our fine buildings, our image of the church, we are doing less to win people to Christ than our unschooled forefathers did. We’re no longer fishers of men, but keepers of the aquarium, and we spend most of our time swiping fish from each other’s bowl.”

I can’t give away too much on this blog because it leads into my sermon for this Sunday, but I would love to see your thoughts and conclusions.  In the mean time, we do make choices, will we continue onto the next blog or website, or will we find ourselves leaving the computer behind and going out to talk to our neighbor?

-Pastor Devin



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